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    Will it blend: Air Soft Gun

    Air Soft Gun

    Don't Try This At Home
    Tom, a marksman? Watch him shoot a peach off Uncle Floyd?s...
    Will it blend: Baseball


    Don't Try This At Home
    There are few things more American than baseball, apple...
    Will it blend: Pens


    Don't Try This At Home
    Ever wonder what pens being blended looks like? This...
    Will it blend: Halo 3

    Halo 3

    Don't Try This At Home
    Will Halo 3 blend? You probably already know the answer to...
    Will it blend: Cassette Tapes

    Cassette Tapes

    Don't Try This At Home
    1983 called, and it wants its music format back, so we rid...
    Will it blend: HALO 4

    HALO 4

    Don't Try This At Home
    A new evil has awakened. Watch as Tom takes it on in his...